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July 31, 2010


Frume Sarah

Very well said. Whenever folks start complaining about the "other" (eg. Muslims, undocumented workers, etc.), I ask them to insert "Jew" in place of the specific minority group. Reslanting the issue often helps remind us that we too were strangers in the land of Mitzrayim.

Rabbi Hillel Cohn

Your "A Place to Build" is a wonderful statement. Our fellow American-Jews who have jumped on the bandwagon of anti-Islamic hysteria need to be reminded of the dangers of character assasination. Thanks for stating it so well.
On a personal note - I wasn't sure when I saw a reference to your piece that you were the same Jonathan Prinz who was a rabbi. But then I figured it out.
While our paths have never really crossed I think you know that we are related. Your dad and my dad were second cousins.
Now that I have found your website I will read the reset of your pieces. I am sure we agree on most, if not all, things.
I was thinking of your dad and my dad most recently as I read of the demise of the American Jewish Congress. They were both deeply involved in it and am sure would be saddened by its coming to an end.
Kol tuv,

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