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September 13, 2009


Ron Prinz

Congressman Wilson (mis)represents my district in SC. He was impulsively way out of line. However, things aren't entirely as they may appear from a distance. A good friend of my family headed up his constituent service office here in Columbia (she retired before his outburst). [Background about me: my father escaped Germany in 1937--sound familiar?] Wilson's district includes part of Richland County (which voted for Obama over McCain and Kerry over Bush) and all of Lexington County (right-wing dominated). Majority Whip Clyburn covers the rest of Richland County. There are plenty of progressives in Columbia. Additional info: Wilson is addicted to "NO-DOZ" and was wired when he yelled out. He is not a bright man--and I think he (mistakenly) thought he was right about the provisions in the health-reform bill. Does he have racist leanings? Maybe, but I doubt that fully explains his behavior. I know we look for simplistic characterizations of complex human situations, which makes us feel better, but we may not capture the whole process. Nonetheless--I will work hard to get him knocked out of office!

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