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November 05, 2008



I so looked forward to this post - the one I knew you would write welcoming the victory! Hooray!


Thank you for the reflection. What a wonderful day! I can't believe all that we accomplished in North Carolina yesterday.

T. DOG Prinz

For the very first time in my life I felt that there was proof that bigots were the real minority and that was beautiful to believe.


Thanks for this beautiful post. The national level looks BRIGHT with possibilities!!! The fight has only just begun. We won some and lost some on the state levels...

In Arkansas gay couples are unable to adopt or foster-parent children. This from a state with 3700 children in the foster-care system, and only 1000 foster homes.

Right to marriage or unions shot down in California, Florida, and Arizona,

We won 'em all! Women's rights remain intact. Colorado, South Dakota, and California.

In Oregon the shot down an act that would have mandated "that school districts limit foreign-language instruction for non-English-speaking students to one or two years, depending on their age."

Initiative 424 in Nebraska passed. Voters said they're ok with re-writing the state constitution to eliminate equal-opportunity programs. That's sad to say the least.



Let us take a minute to truly acknowledge that there is still much work to do. Just remember having voted for Obama does not give us any moral authority on prejudice nor should it exonerate us from any further examination and understanding of the prejudice we carry with in ourselves.

Rosalind Nichol

Dear Jonathan; You have stated it very well, as always... There is still today more joy in my heart than there are words to say... except to say I concur WE WILL! -- to do otherwise IS unthinkable and unacceptable.

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