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October 05, 2005


Richard Kressler

Ms.Miers has to be a stange human being. In 20 years, she will not to change her outlook on life. Feightening. Will births and deaths of her loved ones,the ups and downs of her friends, her daily contacts, not make any impression of life she sees around her and experiences? Perhaps she is getting a bad rap form our President in his enthuisiam to get her approved. But being forwarned should make us not to want such a closed mind on any judicial bench, let alone the Supreme Court.

The big question, how have we become so passive to accept any judge who's attribute is a closed mind? How could any politician even dare to use this as an attribute in a campaign for her acceptence? Have our standards so eroded? Why? To busy to care.
Lack of belief in the need for the wisdom of the court.

If Ms Mires has found God, she is stone deaf.If she believes, what does she belive in?

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